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Comparing Titanium to Chromo

For a BMX enthusiast, you are always looking for different advantages. This could be from reducing the amount of weight on your bike, to modifying an axle or spindle. Ideally, you would like to do this cost effectively as well.

The conversation of which is better between Chromo and Titanium is a seasoned-eternal debate from those in the bike riding community. Some prefer the traditional Chromo steel product as opposed to the steemed metallic product of Titanium. Neither are bad choices, and each have their benefits.

So how do you decide which is better for your bike?  What’s Your Purpose?

Figure out first, what you’re using the bike for most. Will you be riding ramps and engaging in easy-light street driving? Or will you be testing your bike’s durability with racing?  Important to note, that either or will make excellent candidates for your bike riding activities. Let’s look at the positives at both and then come to a conclusion on which is better.

Benefits of Chromo

  • Widely available.
  • Dependable
  • Strong and rather durable.
  • Light
  • Maintains good form and is highly responsive.
  • Cheaper than Titanium.

Benefits of Titanium

  • Excellent tensile strength.
  • Lighter than steel and as strong.
  • Can be used as a shock absorber due to its dependability.
  • Low density.
  • Identical stiffness to weight ratio as steel.
  • Strong with good elongation of 20 to 30 pct.

Disadantages of Chromo

  • Can corrode and wear easier than Titanium.

Disadvantages of Titanium

  • Expensive

So… which do you choose? You may be surprised to find that Titanium is actually coming down on price, as the demand for it rises. The better choice between Chromo and Titanium, is TI.

Why? Because as prices come down, making it more affordable, the product quality of Titanium is much better of a grade than that of Chromo. Titanium can be used for both light riding and racing. It makes for an excellent shock absorbent, is battle-tested against corrosion, and its tensile strength is through the roof with 138000 PSI.

Titanium is a great alternative for making your ride lighter. If you want a more reliable and dependable product, which Titanium is, then give your bike a makeover using Titanium as an alternative.

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