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2woninenine Custom Sportswear

Most jersey manufacturers consider six weeks to be the minimum time to produce custom sports attire. However, the long wait is gone with 2woninenine custom sportswear company. You might find it easier to remember the company as 299 although 2wooninenine sounds better since they put the wooooooooooooo! into BMX.

2woninenine is a small custom sportswear company that specializes in one-off or short run jerseys. They send orders fast and have great prices. They are also customer-friendly since they are BMXers. Those who know Hayden will be pleased to know that he has a partner who is a fellow BMXer and a dad called Adam Baker. The company is based in Victoria’s high country, a distance from Melbourne although that is not a problem.

You can have them put together jumpers for teams and the end result will always be pleasing. Adam has a good eye for design and will offer suggestions that will improve your current design. He also turns around those that were allowed to be printed fast since others drag the signing off part for days. He can even make a matching plate decal that will complement the design.

The company has recently started developing racing pants and shorts that will be available for customers. Currently, the only other company that did complete custom design was Potter Racing USA. However, you know more about their pant collection, you will have to wait until they complete their current order.




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