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Kevin Pauls Signs With Formula

Kevin Pauls could be new to you, but we have been following his 2017 program pretty well. After a pause in the Supercross team pit, he has been working on KEEV, his brand. After the announcement, Kevin was able to sustain an injury although Kevin had to be away for some time. He is now over it and will be announcing the progress of his new sponsor deal.

BMX Rider is the brand that has maintained its rank over the years. No wonder Kevin is behind the comeback of the model to the market. Kelvin has a partnership with someone major to make this a reality.

In his interview Kevin flashbacks his experience eight years ago when he was bought his first BMX bike. He figured it as the best model in the market and was not disappointed. Unfortunately, the Donny Robinson seemed to be disappearing in the market from the
world of the BMX, and this has been the case for many years.

After coming up with the KEEV Products, Kevin got a message from John Chou at Formula BMX. It was just as he was chilling at a hotel after a long day of racing. Kevin was not surprised since he had familiarized with the brand when he was young. Realizing that this was a strong revival of the formula BMX from the years before, he was grateful to secure a spot on the new formula international factory team as the first BMX rider from the USA. Kevin is confident with the revival of the formula. He feels that this is a great channel for the formula to be more prominent in the BMX world.
BMX is also confident of the formula. It was the best time to bring Kevin on board. He is talented and an excellent role model to the young riders. They take it with a large pride that Kevin is part of the formula international factory team.

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