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Daily Grind Slider Pegs

Daily Grind Eon and Sliders Pegs

Ohio’s Daily Grind started humble, had a modest product list, and by producing a Hard Times DVD, it allowed them the benefit of making a huge name for themselves and from that point they refused to look back. Till this day, they are still at the top among Midwest street riders.

The Hard Times DVD was the start to something big, but an important factor to the business’ continuous triumph from years ahead, was its peg line. Daily Grind scored big through their metal peg product – the Eon. After this product’s success, they are moving ahead and have now created its new slider pegs. ​Introducing Daily Grind’s Slider Pegs. A peg /sleeve combination of metal and plastic. A very strong build, made of 4130 chromoly. Chromoly was chosen for this peg instead of alloy by John “Gremlin” Betchtold from DG, because of its aptness to grind faster without the sleeve, hold its shape better and its limitless need of diameter to be effective, high performing and durable, as opposed to alloy’s greater need.​

There are a couple of disadvantages to using the alloy.  It’s weakened due to the need to lessen its core in order to fit it properly into a bike’s dropout.  Also because the core is lessened and altered, if the process isn’t done smoothly, warping is likely to happen.​ Chromoly allows for a wider and thicker sleeve diameter. Daily Grind managed to combine a special German nylon blend within its wider sleeve diameter for longer lasting durability during its fast sliding performances.​  Works adequately with 14mm and 3/8″ axles and comes with an adapter for adjusting capability.


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