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DK Octane Pro bike

There are many BMX racing companies that are looking for a complete bike and they want a higher quality bike for their money. The 2018 DK Octane bike is a good combination for the consumer.

This new bike has Box and Promax parts, there rims are from Sun Ringle Evey, and the tires are from Maxxis. This DK Octane looks like it can roll right off the showroom floor and is ready to race!
This DK Professional V2 has a hydrofoamed frame and has tapered HT.  There is a 15mm cassette rear as well as a 120 point hub. It is 20mm at the front on the XL and the Cruiser models. There is a 2 piece crane that has external BB and there are different specs for different models. The XL through to the Cruiser model there is a Box X2 carbon fork.  On the mini and the junior there is a Box XS fork and on the Expert there is a BOX XL for the 10mm.

This bike comes in different sizes and each side has its own price. The Mini and the Junior costs $1,499 RRP while The Expert costs. $1,599. The XL, Pro, Pro XL, Pro XXL, and the Cruiser are price at $1,799 RRP making them the most expensive.

If you’re interested in purchasing a DK Octane bike for yourself, please visit

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